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Agar Tum Na Hote 24th January 2022 Ram warns them all to not even try come near him, Niyati questions what is he doing when ram exclaims he only wants her answer, she must know who does she want as it can be either her father or husband, Manaroma stopping everyone exclaims that nothing like this would happen now,

Manaroma informs Niyati that when she got married to Abhimanyu, she must have been the most happy person and what is Ram doing now is not his madness because she herself is a mother so knows it is the concern which he has for her, she cannot let anything wrong happen to her because of them,

it is better that she should go with her father, Gaju questions what is she saying, Manaroma replies that she is right and even said this before the Gouna, she cannot let the daughter of anyone harm her life for their son, she always considered her as their daughter but now as her mother in law is taking the decision that she will no longer stay in this house and it is better that she leaves with her father,

Niyati refuses informing Abhimanyu might need her help, Manaroma replies that he needs her feelings as they mean a lot, but she is not ready to accept he has forgotten her, a relationship is made by two people so how can she fulfil the relationship by herself, Manaroma also threatens to harm herself if she doesnot go back with her father, Niyati is not able to believe what she ahs just heard, she drops the whistle blower of Abhimanyu, Aanad starts smiling.

Niyati is packing her suitcase in the room, she is picking a suit recalls how Abhimanyu said they will meet once again because it is Niyati which makes them wait, he then expressed his love for her, she was not able to bear that he cried after giving her the dress of the wedding, she with a heavy heart is packing all of her suitcases.

Niyati starts weeping thinking about all the past memories, how she hugged him when he saved her from the goons, and that he helped them in the preparations of the wedding. Niyati with a heavy heart starts walking downstairs, recalling how Saira also mentioned only Abhimanyu can love with such intensity,

she is turning back towards the room thinks she thought of decorating the room, in which she will start her life with Abhimanyu but was not able to do it, she walks away crying.

Gajender Panday is crying, everyone is also really tensed when Niyati walks towards the mandir, she sitting in the Mandir prays that she prayed Infront of her that she is going to fight to save her wedding and now Infront of her she is forced to leave after failing, she doesnot know anything about her husband and on the other side is the stubbornness of her father, she prays for a way to save her husband as he is in trouble so Maa should protect him,

Niyati ends her prayer looking at Maa, she walks out of the Mandir to Manaroma and her family, Niyati asks Sulochana where is papa, who replies that ram has went with Aanad to the airport and said he would wait there after getting the tickets. Amma jee exclaims she tried a lot to make him understand but he is not ready to listen to anything.

The guard comes with a police inspector who informs Gajender Panday and hearing this he got tensed, so calls Kinkar asking if he is fine, he asks him to go and meet with the DSP so they look into the matter personally. Niyati asks what happened, Gajender informs that the jeep in which Saira was travelling got attacked and they kidnapped her but Kinkar was saved as he was some far away.

Niyati goes to Sulochana mentioning this means Abhimanyu was kidnapped by those same people who have kidnapped Saira, Sulochana replies that she must now understand that he has ran way from the house leaving them all, however Sulochana replies that she trusts each and every word of Saira but knows that those people who are the enemies of Gajo might have kidnapped them both,

she feels they can make sure everything is sorted but for now Niyati must come with her to the airport, Niyati going to Manaroma exclaims that Abhimanyu loves her a lot so how did he run away when he promised he would not do it again, she says that everyone would be thinking this is her feelings but she can prove it as she needs a little time, Gajender questions how will she be able to prove it,

Niyati replies that she knows wherever Abhimanyu is, he will surely call his mother but she must wait for some time since as soon as she finds out he is fine then will come with them. Sulochana takes the hand of Niyati when Gajender requests Sulochana to wait for some time for her Munna as when they find out the truth,

she can take Niyati however Sulochana replies that she went against his friend and performed the Gouna but now cannot face him, Gajender requests Sulochana to try and convince Ram as he doesnot know he will not be able to leave Lucknow without his permission,

Niyati asks Sulochana what does she think as Abhimanyu is her husband and she cannot leave him knowing he is ill, she questions if Sulochana would have left papa if he was ill, Sulochana agrees to wait for some time on the condition that Niyati would leave with her.

Niyati along with Sulochana and everyone else are waiting for the call, however Sulochana receives the call from Aanad who questions why have they not come to the airport till now as Ram is constantly asking about him, Niyati taking the mobile requests Aanad to take care of Papa for some time since she cannot come to the airport before confirming something,

Aanad agrees mentioning they would have to hire a guest house since Ram doesnot want to come back to that house, Aanad seeing her photo thinks that once she leaves this house, he would not let her go back to that house.

Niyati after looking at the clock thinks that she was right as Abhimanyu did not call her, Sulochana questions why she is trying to believe that someone whose mental health is not right would have remembered the promise he made to his mother, Manaroma thinks Niyati is right since Abhimanyu always calls her.

There is a call on the landline, Niyati puts the caller on speaker and tries questioning him, he says they should stop waiting for Abhimanyu since he will not come back, Amma jee is not able to bear the news so starts getting dizzy, they all help her. Gajender taking the phone threatens to ruin them all if they even think of harming his son but they reply that his time of threatening has ended as now the Panday family would have to pay for the pain which they caused twenty years ago.

Niyati tries to asks Gajender if he has done anything in his past that might have caused them to take revenge from his family, he assures he has never wronged anyone in his family, Niyati is constantly pressuring him, Sulochana starts thinking about an incident, she takes the name of Bhagwati Infront of Gajender, hearing this name everyone gets really tensed while Niyati is confused.

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