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Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 28th May 2021 Episode starts with Darsh and Nandini coming to the factory and making payment. Hasmukh asks them to sit. He says delivery is ready. His man says printing is spoiled in half the boxes, what if he checks. Hasmukh says he can’t see, his wife is an illiterate, put the boxes in the crate. He goes to Darsh and says don’t you trust me, what will you check, I mean you are blind. Nandini says yes, he doesn’t see since last three years and you… Hasmukh says I m seeing well. Nandini says I thought you didn’t see that I came with him, I can see and check the boxes. An old man comes and says at least let us go for having food, everyone is hungry and working. Hasmukh asks him to go out, pack 1500 boxes and until then, no one can go.

Darsh scolds him. He says we don’t work with such people. Hasmukh says don’t spoil your mind, he is my worker, I can do anything with him, you take the payment and go. Darsh says I will file a case against you. Hasmukh threatens him. Nandini tries to message Vipul. Hasmukh takes her phone. Nandini says you don’t anger Darsh, he will fight and break your bones. Hasmukh asks really, we shall also see. Darsh asks what are you saying, are you provoking them to take revenge on me. He says look, she has a habit to exaggerate. She asks him to fight. He asks how many people are here. She says just four. He says come with me. The goons stop him. Darsh fights them. Nandini tries to help. Hasmukh beats up Darsh. Nandini takes a stick and beats the goons. Police comes. She thinks I called the police. Darsh says don’t leave them, they treat labor badly. He files the complaint. Nandini thinks you can’t see others’ pain, but I was your own family. Gunjan argues with Rakla. Shobit goes. She says thank God, Shobit didn’t ask anything. Chetan comes to Shobit and says Hasmukh’s men fought with Darsh, police came on time. Shobit asks is he fine. Chetan says he got hurt, but he is fine, he went for sweet tasting. Shobit says I will go to him. Chetan says Nandini is with him. Shobit says then I m not needed, I will talk to him on phone. Chetan goes. Shobit says my habit to worry didn’t change, but Darsh’s priorities changed.

Darsh and Nandini are at the cafe. He explains her about sweet tasting. Chef comes and greets them. Darsh makes a glass fall and says I m sorry. Abhinav says sorry Sir, I didn’t know about you, its so inspiring, you handle a big business in this condition. He asks Nandini to taste it. Nandini asks him to serve Darsh, he knows better. Abhinav says I thought you will give the feedback. Darsh asks her to taste it. She asks Abhinav to close eyes and taste it. Abhinav tastes it and says I think its perfect. She says Darsh’s tasting power is also perfect, he is just perfect, he can’t see but his life is just perfect. Abhinav says sorry Sir, can I get anything else. Darsh signs no. Nandini says this would happen every day with you. Darsh says I got habitual, people think I can’t see and can’t understand anything, I feel irritated. She cares for him. He says you care for me. She says I m your secretary, Rajvi is worried for you, we shall go home.

Rajvi worries for Darsh seeing his wound. Darsh says I m fine, Nandini is also stressed out and called her eye-specialist friend. She asks him not to go out anywhere, Shobit will go. Darsh says you also accepted that I m handicapped, you care for me, don’t make me feel that I m not normal, its a request. Nandini comes and hears him. She cries. Darsh says life is frustrating without eyes, its three years, even then I m not able to compromise with this situation, I have to lie to myself every day that I m normal, you all let this stay a lie.

Rajvi cries and says you can do anything, really, its not a lie. Darsh says we both know the truth. He sits there. Rajvi sees Nandini going and goes after her. Nandini says I m not crying because he can’t see, I realized this today, we all can see just half things, we go under the tree to get shadow, we don’t see its root working hard to support it in storm, he is a man, not a superman, but I have expected him to be a superman always, whenever I fall in a pit, he helps me, I didn’t see that he is fallen in a pit and trying to come out. Rajvi says Darsh is very strong, he has some insecurities, don’t know he told you or not, some time ago, we had a driver, one day he had stolen money from Darsh’s wallet in front of him, because Darsh got blind, I caught that driver, Darsh needs someone who encourages him, you are the one who can give him such support. Nandini says I m just do his secretary’s job. Rajvi says fine, you do the job, but I can hope, right now, can you become his friend.


Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 29th May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Darsh says Nandini went. Shobit says everyone knows that things aren’t fine between you. Nandini asks did Shobit give you medicines. She gets medicines. Namrata scolds her and says she is giving you mom’s medicines, what if any reaction happens, do you want to kill him.

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Telecast Date:28th May 2021
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