Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 27th March 2021 Written Episode Update


Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 27th March 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on writtenepisode.com

Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 27th March 2021 Episode starts with Nandini arguing with Shamika. She defends and praises Darsh. Darsh smiles. Some time back, Darsh reaches the temple. He asks driver to get the garlands. He hears Nandini and goes to thank her. Shamika comes to the same stall. Darsh hears her voice and recalls her. Darsh turns to go. He collides with a man and falls. The men ask him to use with a walking stick. Darsh says anyone can collide anytime, I know these roads, I never needed any stick. Shamika sees him and goes to help. She asks him to take the phone. She says its me Shamika. She says sorry from his side, he is blind, can’t you see. Darsh gets angry. He says I don’t think I m blind, what are you doing here. She says relax, its a public place, you can lead a normal life with someone’s help, I will call Rajvi. He thinks nothing changed, you had pity for me even 3 years back, you are still showing that I can’t do anything without support. He says don’t call mum, I will manage.

She says you won’t fall short if you take help. He says I don’t need help, I needed love but… She says fine, I will drop you to the car. He says you are pitying me, what are you doing, I don’t like sympathy. She says fine, you can vent anger, I know I m not in your life, I have moved on, I respect our relation, I can’t leave you alone. He says just leave my hand. He observes that she is wearing the same bracelet gifted by him. He says you moved on, right, why did you wear this bracelet till now, it has diamonds, right, its precious, you have removed me from your life, am I right. She says I m worried for you, so I m here, people like you have to depend on someone, keep your ego aside, can you think of crossing the road, shopping alone, why are you still single, why didn’t you get married. Nandini comes and makes him wear the garlands. She says Darsh ji….

She asks didn’t you make a garland for me, we have to make the garlands for each other, until then we can’t go inside the temple. Darsh thinks what is Nandini saying. Shamika asks who are you. Nandini says I m his fiancee, Nandini, we got engaged today. Shamika asks what is she saying Darsh. Nandini shouts. Shamika asks why are you shouting. Nandini says I thought your hearing ability is low, I will take the garlands made by Darsh and go in. Shamika asks why are you insulting him, if he could do normal things, then why would he marry a village girl. Darsh says I don’t care if she is a village girl, who are you to judge her, I m happy that she understands me. Nandini says Darsh will make the garlands today. She goes to get needle and thread.

She makes Darsh sit. He says we don’t have to prove anything. She says we have to complete the rituals, I will guide you. They make the garlands. Shamika looks on. Aapki nazron…plays… Shamika says how stupid, Darsh can get hurt by the needle. Nandini says the garland is ready, its beautiful. Darsh asks really. Nandini asks Shamika to see, Darsh has made the garland, its a small thing, he had jumped in the river and saved my life from the storm, he visits abroad alone, he clicks wonderful pics, he fights goons to protect people. She counts everything that Darsh did. She says he is so capable, you show pity to others, I m a village girl, I m not with you because he is rich, his heart is precious than any treasure in the world. She asks Darsh to make her wear the garland, they will take a selfie. Darsh makes her wear the garland. Shamika leaves.

Nandini sees Shamika standing away and seeing them. She asks Darsh to take a selfie. She says you are so tall. She clicks a selfie and says its beautiful. Shamika says they look so happy together, like they are made for each other, I thought Darsh isn’t suitable for me after that accident, truth is, I wasn’t suitable for Darsh. She leaves. Darsh asks did Shamika go. Nandini says yes. He asks did I ask help, why did you come. He says I didn’t ask for help when you came to save my life, I don’t see anything wrong in you. He asks how do you know all this. She says I know that girl just saw your weakness after you turned blind, she was materialistic, I will go to temple, don’t feel bad of her words. She goes. Darsh smiles. He goes to his car. Driver asks why are you opening the door for me. Darsh makes him sit.

Darsh recalls Nandini’s words. Khamoshiyon mein….plays…. Darsh sits in the car and leaves. He comes home. Shobit asks who made you wear this garland, you went to temple, right, what happened there, did anything happen. Darsh walks towards the pool. Shobit says there is a pool ahead, careful. Darsh enters the pool and says its love, I m in love. Shobit gets happy for him. Darsh says I didn’t think it will happen again, it just happened. Shobit happily jumps in the pool and says its your true love, I m so excited, tell me your love story, what’s the girl’s name. Darsh recalls Nandini. He says I met her in the storm first, I saved her in the storm and didn’t come out of the storm till now. Shobit asks what’s her name. Darsh says she is clean-hearted, she always helps others. Shobit says tell her name. Darsh says she often gets misunderstandings, she always misunderstood me, but she gave me a good name, Lafenga. Shobit recalls Nandini. He says it means Nandini.


Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 27th March 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Shobit says you can dance happily, you are in love. Darsh says I can dance happily when I tell her my feelings. Bansuri asks Nandini how did you get engaged to Darsh. Baa hears them. She comes to meet Rajvi with a shagun. Rajvi gets shocked seeing the shagun, the walking stick.

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Telecast Date:27th March 2021
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