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Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 26th March 2021 Episode starts with Darsh saying you did a lot for my mum, you are special for me now. He thanks Nandini. Vipul says Darsh had made the promise to Nandini. Rajvi thinks. Some time back, Nandini searches on net to get help for Rajvi. She makes a paper envelope to assist Rajvi in normalizing her breathing. Rajvi thinks of Nirali. She gets stable. She makes Rajvi have water. Rajvi lies on the couch. Nandini takes care of her. She says don’t worry for Darsh, he is one in a million, he will not break down, what if he can’t see, courage is needed for living life, not sight, he is courageous, he saved me from the storm, he saved me many times, he is brave and clicks good pictures, he is better than those who can see. Rajvi says even then, he is getting heartbroken many times. She coughs. Nandini finds the water pot empty. She shouts for help. She sees a picture there. She asjs Rajvi to see Darsh’s pic, he has light in himself, darkness can’t affect him, you should be so proud that there is no space for this tension, Kanha chose you to be his mum, its not a small thing. Rajvi gets emotional. Nandini asks her to lie down.

She rubs Rajvi’s feet. She says you don’t think of people who see his weakness, don’t care about it, it should be about perception, not sight. Rajvi thinks her thinking is like mine, I m seeing this for the first time, she finds Darsh normal. Nandini asks someone to help. Vipul comes and asks who is inside. Nandini says Rajvi and I are stuck inside. He asks who are you. Rajvi calls out Vipul. He calls Shobit. Baa sees the washing machine. Bansuri asks is this for me, sent by Rajvi. The man says yes. Bansuri asks why would she send this for us.

Baa asks her to just have mangoes, not count the seeds. Bansuri says I don’t find it right. Baa says we will open this on the right time. Bansuri calls Nandini. Darsh comes and asks did Nandini come back home. Baa says Darsh has come here, what’s the matter. Bansuri says but she went to your house. Darsh gets Shobit’s call and asks what, mom got locked in storeroom, Nandini is with her…. Bansuri worries. Shobit and Vipul try to break the door. They get in and see Rajvi. They ask what happened to Rajvi. Rajvi says I m fine. They take Rajvi to the living hall. Darsh and Bansuri come home. Bansuri asks what’s Nandini doing here. He says I will explain, I will first meet mum. She sees Nandini and asks what did you tell Maasi. Nandini says Rajvi was unwell. Darsh asks what happened to her. She says she is fine now, she had seen Nirali and Ragla together, I had to tell her the truth why I stood with you in the Gordhana. Bansuri asks whose Gordhana. Nandini says I will tell you.

Rajvi says I m fine. Darsh asks did you get a panic attack again, don’t take stress about me, shall we go to doctor. Rajvi says yes, I m alive today because of Nandini, the credit goes to her. Nandini says no, our homes are running because of you, how can I see you in pain. Darsh holds Nandini’s hand. He says thanks is a small word, whoever does anything for my mum becomes special for me, you are very special for me from now. Aapki nazron….plays….

He says I will never forget this. Rajvi says I kept the condition that you leave Dwarka, I take it back, don’t worry for the washing machine, think its earning for the sweets you made in our house, it doesn’t mean that we will forgive you for sending Tosha here, whatever you did today, I can’t hate you, thanks for today. Bansuri thinks of Rajvi’s condition. Darsh asks Rajvi to take rest. Nandini says we will leave now. Bansuri beats Nandini with a stick. She says you will leave me for the washing machine. Nandini says let me say. Darsh asks Rajvi to have lemon water. Rajvi says that girl isn’t bad. Nandini tells everything to Bansuri. She asks how long can I stay in your sasural. Bansuri says until I tell you. Nandini asks what about my sweet making course. Bansuri says do it later. Nandini says I will go some day, remember. She says I will go to temple and pray for everyone, also Darsh. The family is with Rajvi. She says I m absolutely fine now. Parul says sorry, its my mistake, I swear I didn’t know that Nirali is already married. Chetan says you should have talked to her before.

Rajvi says don’t scold her, she didn’t know. Darsh says yes, its my mistake to hide this, Nirali asked me for 4 days, really sorry. Rajvi says its not your mistake, you always help others, Nirali is your childhood friend. She says I should be sorry, I can’t choose a nice girl for you. He says I know you would be so worried, don’t rush in fixing any other alliance, you get hurt, what if anything happened to you. Parul says all this happened because of Nirali, I will not let her step in our house, I will not see her face. Darsh says Nirali is married, we can wish that her married life goes well, right. Rajvi says yes, she has a right to decide for her life, its holi today, I will apply colours to Dwarkakeesh, he cheated me, he didn’t send a nice girl for Darsh. Nandini says Darsh is a nice person, he has a right to stay happy, I will pray that he gets a nice girl. Darsh says I will go and apply the colour on your behalf, you take rest. He goes. Parul says sorry. Vipul says Darsh and Nandini’s Gordhana got fulfilled, Darsh gave her a promise, I don’t know what to do now.


Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 27th March 2021 26th March 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Darsh sees Shamika and turns to go. He collides with someone and falls. Shamika asks people not to fight, Darsh is blind. She says you can live a normal life with someone’s support, trust me.

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Telecast Date:26th March 2021
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