Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 22nd September 2021 Written Episode Update


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Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 22nd September 2021  Episode starts with Rajvi thinking of Toral. Vipul comes home. She goes to him. Darsh asks what happened, is there any tension. Vipul says no, I wasn’t receiving her calls. Bansuri asks Nandini not to worry, she will conceive surely. Nandini says yes. Bansuri says Parul told about Kuldevi puja at home,

you do the puja, everything will get fine. Nandini says yes, Rajvi also wants me to do it. Bansuri says I met Vipul and Chetan in the other village, they said they have come for a meeting. Nandini says okay. She thinks what meeting did they had there.

Vipul says Chetan and I were at the factory, Chetan is still there. Nandini thinks why is he lying. Nandini says I will be doing the puja. Rajvi asks Charmy to sit in the puja as well, Parul will explain her everything. Rajvi goes after Vipul. She asks where is Toral. He says I don’t know, she has run away four months back. She asks what,

we have to find her. He says we have no answers to tell them, don’t react like this. She says yes, I m afraid to answer them. He asks how did the weather change suddenly, it seems like a storm is coming. She says storm might come in our lives.

Nandini and Vini have a talk. Vini says I have to ask about Charmy. Charmy gets dizzy. Nandini runs to help. Charmy says I was going to fall down. Nandini says I will drop you to the room. Charmy asks can I stay in your room until my pregnancy, I have a problem climbing the stairs, I got habitual to stay in that room.

She says I knew it, you won’t say no, thanks a lot. Nandini looks at her. Vini says I remember it, you were telling on phone, someone give me my D, what’s D, we were playing hide and seek, I was hiding behind the chair that day. Charmy worries. She says D means a medicine for morning sickness, why were you hearing my talks. Nandini says bad manners, say sorry. Vini says sorry. Charmy says I will shift my things. She goes. Nandini thinks I didn’t even say yes, how shall I say no to her.

Rajvi worries seeing the pic frame falling down and breaking. She says its our family pic, I m not getting a good feeling, I feel restless. Vipul consoles her. He asks her to calm down. She cries and says I can’t sit in peace unless we find her, if she comes home, then my family will break. Darsh asks how did you say yes and give our room to Charmy. Nandini says I didn’t say yes to her. They argue. She says I didn’t say yes,

she thought I said yes, its strange, she just got our room in the entire house. He says maybe its hormonal changes in the pregnancy, she talks strangely, you invite troubles in your life. She says like you. He gets Shobit’s message. He says he managed another room for Charmy on the ground floor. She says you were scolding me for no reason. She goes to sleep.

Charmy scolds Shobit. She says I find comfortable in Darsh’s room. He says it will be inconvenient for Darsh and Nandini. She asks so what, no one worries for me. Parul comes. Shobit leaves. Parul asks is everything fine. Charmy says yes, just some argument, what’s this. Parul says I will tell about kuldevi puja, you apply uptan, have a bath, you have to get the idol soil home and make an idol, you have to do its puja. Charmy says I understood. Parul gives the uptan bowls and goes. Charmy says this uptan is for Nandini, its good Parul left it here. She adds something. She says I will not lose to her always, she can’t do this puja. Parul comes and says I forgot Nandini’s bowl here, thanks. She takes the bowl and goes. Charmy smiles.

Its morning, Darsh is with Nandini. She says I have to apply uptan. He says you spoiled my sleep, you have to compensate now. She asks him to file the court case. He doesn’t give the uptan. She goes. Charmy comes and keeps the uptan bowl there. Vini looks on. Charmy thinks Nandini didn’t apply the uptan till now. She goes to get the towel. Vini sees the bowls. She says Nandini should get this golden bowl. She swaps the plates. Nandini thanks Shobit. She asks will Charmy feel bad.

He says not at all. She gets some high heels and says I will show Darsh now, he makes fun of my height. Charmy takes the wrong bowl and applies uptan. She screams my face is burning. Shobit and Nandini come. They ask how can this happen. Charmy thinks how did the bowls change. Charmy says take me to room fast. Shobit takes her. Darsh asks Nandini to apply uptan. She shows her heels. She thinks he should ask how did my height got more now. She says you can’t joke on my height now. He asks why.

He smiles seeing her heels. He asks her to say it. She says you didn’t notice, I have worn heels. He says oh, you have worn heels, your height is so less that heels didn’t create a difference, maybe I m still sleeping. She pushes him into the pool angrily. They fall into the pool. They have an eyelock.


Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 23rd September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Nandini goes to get the idol soil. She sees someone there and asks who are you, what are you doing here. Nandini brings Toral home. Rajvi and Vipul get shocked. Rajvi thinks did Darsh and Nandini got to know the truth.

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Telecast Date:22nd September 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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