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Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 21st September 2021  Episode starts with Rajvi asking Darsh to meet Dr. Bhanushali, he will find a solution, he is very good, take Nandini there. Darsh says we should give time to Nandini, she shouldn’t feel that we got disappointed and finding solutions, it should be her decision. Nandini comes and says I want to meet the doctor, I m ready for the treatment, I don’t want to leave the hope.

Rajvi says that’s the spirit. Nandini says I got this pic in storeroom, who is she, I didn’t see her before. Vipul asks Rajvi to show the pic. Dada ji comes and says she is Toral. Darsh asks who. Dada ji says your nanny. Darsh asks did I had any nanny. Dada ji says yes, Rajvi was not well after your birth, we kept Toral to look after you for some time. Darsh says okay. He asks Nandini to get ready and come with him to office.

They leave. Vipul asks how did Nandini get this pic, what will we tell the children. Dada ji says Rajvi didn’t let anyone know about Toral. Shobit says I don’t know D, who told this to you. Vini recalls Charmy’s words. He gets commissioner’s call. He asks what, we have to find them. He goes.

Darsh and Nandini are at the office. He asks how do you like your new cabin. He says I m struggling with new ideas, I want you to help me, I got the family here, they will see you working and smile. She says the most imp person isn’t here. She keeps Darsh’s pic. She says frame this pic, it should be on my desk by morning. He thinks we have to support each other, to complete ourselves. She says this is office, only work, no romance. He gets a call. She gets sad.

Rajvi burns Toral’s pic. She says they will ask about Toral again. Chetan says how did they know, I never told about her to Parul since my marriage. Vipul says we got worried with this mention, we will go there and get relieved if everything is fine. Darsh calls him and says we are getting late for meeting. Vipul says I got stuck in factory work, you and Nandini handle it. Rajvi calls out Vipul. Darsh and Nandini come home. He asks did you think its a small thing that you can hide it from me. Rajvi asks what did I hide from you.

He says pharmacy guy said he delivered your anxiety medicines today, you didn’t take medicines since two days, what is this. Nandini says don’t take it light. Rajvi worries and thinks if my fear gets true. Vipul says Toral has run away four months back, they are cheaters, they didn’t inform us. Chetan says don’t worry, we will find her. Bansuri comes and greets them. She asks you here. Vipul says we had an urgent meeting, is everything fine. She says yes. Chetan asks her to take care of herself.

They leave. Rajvi takes medicines. Darsh asks her to take rest. Charmy comes and says Mrs. Patel called and told that she wants to feature me in an article, I refused to her. Rajvi asks her to stay away from Mrs. Patel. Nandini says let Charmy do it if she wants. Rajvi says as you wish. Charmy asks will you stay with me during the photoshoot. Nandini nods.

Darsh says they will discuss about motherhood, I don’t want you to get disturbed. Nandini says sit, rub your hands until it get warm, touch on my cheek now. He asks why. She says I m proving that I didn’t melt by your warm hands, I m not a wax doll that my heart will break if I hear about motherhood. He asks what’s the need to help, you always invite problems. She says you always scold me. She acts upset and smiles. Jinal says this new dress is for Charmy. Vini asks what about Nandini. Jinal says magazine selected just Charmy for photoshoot. Vini says its just for Charmy, nothing for Nandini, but Nandini is also special. Charmy goes for the photoshoot. She asks Nandini to make her hair proper. She asks her to get juice. Mrs. Patel smiles. Vini looks on.

Vini says Nandini’s photoshoot should also happen, Charmy is making Nandini work, I have to do something. Mrs. Patel says I want happy pics. She taunts Nandini. She says I heard a news, you can’t conceive, so sad. Nandini says its more sad that you forgot the difference between someone’s sorrow and entertainment. She goes crying. Darsh sees Nandini. He says I had told you not to go there, you got upset,

Charmy isn’t a little girl that she can’t manage. Akash comes to call her. Darsh says Jinal will help you out. Akash says there are some changes, Nandini has to come, Nandini will also get featured, editor has called Mrs. Patel and said you will also feature, you have a little girl, you made her your daughter, you are also unique. Nandini asks who told this to him. Vini says I called him and told him everything.

Darsh and Nandini smile. Nandini hugs Vini. Vini asks her to get ready. Nandini, Darsh and Vini also go for the photoshoot. Charmy gets angered. She goes. Mrs. Patel comes to her. Charmy says no use to join hands with you. Mrs. Patel says sorry, editor called me. Charmy says I want to defeat Nandini. Mrs. Patel says I want to ruin entire Rawal family, none can stop us. Charmy says I want Darsh, I don’t care how you defame the family.

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Telecast Date:21st September 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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