Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 20th April 2021 Written Episode Update


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Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 20th April 2021 Episode starts with Darsh says saree is done, now jewellery, right, you give me jewellery, I will make you wear it, okay, bangles first. He makes her wear the jewellery. Aapki nazron….plays…. She gives him all the jewellery one by one. He takes the kamarbandh. He checks it and gets angry. She asks what happened. He says its not real gold, its fake. She gets shocked. She says this can’t happen, your family bought this. He says I m allergic to artificial jewellery, see the rash. She says how can this happen. He says I can’t see, it doesn’t mean that everyone has license to cheat me, yes, I m blind, but I m not a fool, come with me. Naveen asks Shobit to have a cup of tea. Shobit says no, I have some work. Darsh and Nandini come there. Naveen asks is everything fine. Darsh says this kamarbandh is fake. He throws it on the floor. He says someone replaced the real kamarbandh by fake one. Naveen asks how can this happen.

Shobit asks how do you know its fake. Darsh asks won’t I know it, look at my hands, I m allergic to artificial jewellery, see the rashes. Nandini asks who can do this. Darsh says I don’t know, that person won’t get saved. He asks where is the jewellery which my family gifted Nandini, get it here, who knows what’s missing. Nandini says its in cupboard. Gunjan goes there. Naveen says its in Baa’s cupboard, no one touches it. Darsh asks are you sure. Naveen says yes. Darsh hears a sound and takes a fruit knife in hand. He throws it at the cupboard. Gunjan shouts. They all go to see Gunjan. They see Gunjan with the kamarbandh. Naveen says you have the kamarbandh. Darsh leaves. Naveen drags Gunjan outside. He apologizes to Darsh. Darsh asks what was the need to steal. Naveen says answer him, he is asking something, you are showing your true colours, what will be our respect. Gunjan says Nandini was getting everything, I didn’t get any jewellery, why did they get partial towards me, because Shobit is younger. Shobit asks what’s this nonsense, you should have asked for it, this is too much to replace real with fake. Naveen says forgive her, I will beat her, Nandini won’t say in between, take away all the jewellery, I will tie her black thread and make her sit in mandap. Gunjan says sorry.

Naveen asks her to apologize to them. Gunjan says sorry, I also have my dreams, I want respect as Nandini gets. Shobit says enough, no one did partiality with you, never talk in this tone in front of Darsh. Darsh asks Gunjan to keep the kamarbandh, he will make new one for Nandini. Nandini says no need, I don’t wear all this, if Gunjan wants anything from my jewellery, she can take it. Darsh says you don’t need to ask for anything, you are going to be Rawals’ bahu, Shobit’s wife, we will fulfill your every wish, Shobit is my life, if you break his heart, then I will not leave you, whoever brings tears in his life, I will fill tears in that person’s life, I swear on that. Shobit cries. Darsh says you cheated me, you don’t value my faith, you don’t value me. Shobit says dad is calling me, mom is going to come, lets go. Darsh asks do you really want to marry Gunjan or not, tell me. Shobit says of course. He thinks if the truth comes out that I m marrying Gunjan for Darsh and Nandini’s alliance, don’t know what will he do. He says Gunjan would be jealous, nothing else, like I used to get jealous of you in childhood, lets go home, mom is coming. They leave.

Its morning, Nandini thinks of Darsh’s anger. She checks gift she thinks how did Darsh’s gift come here. She reads the letter. She reads that Darsh wanted to have a destination wedding in Goa, Happy Goa wedding. She sees the Goa pics. She says Rajvi would be going home from ashram now. She calls Rajvi. Rajvi is on the way. She answers Nandini’s call. She asks her not to call her Malkin. Nandini asks what shall I call you. Rajvi says you call me MIL, mother-in-law. Nandini says milk, no, I mean mil. Rajvi says sorry, I couldn’t come in sangeet, Parul told me that you made Darsh play Nandini. Nandini says I wanted to ask something, does Darsh wanted to have his wedding in Goa. Rajvi says yes. Nandini says he will still have this wish, I told my wishes to you, I didn’t think of his wish. Rajvi says don’t worry, we can change the wedding venue if you want, we have a resort in Goa, you wanted to manage expenses for marriage, you can spend it there. Nandini says thanks, it will work. Rajvi says so destination wedding, I will talk later, I also feel lucky to get you, welcome to the family, Nandini. Nandini thanks MIL and disconnects the call. She says Darsh will smile after knowing this.


Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 21st April 2021 20th April 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Rajvi stumbles. The sindoor falls down. Rajvi worries by the abshagun. Rakla applies haldi to Nandini and says your marriage won’t happen. She gets shocked.

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Telecast Date:20th April 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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