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Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 18th September 2021  Episode starts with Nandini packing her bag. She says I m going from here, you enjoy your freedom. Darsh asks how did you think this. She asks what happened at the hospital. He says nothing, I was worried that the goons are still free. She says I was scared, I thought if you liked any nurse in the hospital. Shobit asks Nandini to see a cradle.

Nandini says I have no experience, sorry. Rajvi says what’s the need to buy a new cradle, I have kept the cradles of your childhood, baby will sleep in your cradle, Shobit, you can go and check, Nandini and Darsh’s child will sleep in Darsh’s cradle. She says I have made gond laddoos for Charmy, you also eat it Nandini. Charmy looks on. Nandini says its nice. Charmy gets angry.

Nandini and Vini see Darsh’s childhood clothes and toys. Vini gets a pic to her. They laugh. Vini runs to Darsh. Nandini sees the cradle and prays to get a child. Daksh asks what will I tell Nandini, how shall I snatch her smile. Vini says look what I got. She shows Darsh’s crying pic. Rajvi smiles. Vini asks did he use to cry a lot. Rajvi nods. Vini asks what happened, you didn’t get angry today. Rajvi asks all okay. Nandini and Shobit get Darsh’s cradle. Darsh thinks how shall I tell you the truth, all the hopes and dreams will shatter. Rajvi says I have many memories with this. She sings a lullaby.

Rajvi says first Shobit’s child will come and then your child, I will not go to office, I will handle the kids. Nandini imagines their daughter. Darsh says her name will be Darshini. Vini asks who is more naughty, Darsh or Shobit. Rajvi says Darsh was naughty and irritated also, Shobit was happy baby, he used to smile always. Shobit asks really. Nandini says that’s why I named Darsh a problem, he would have troubled you a lot when you had him in your womb. Rajvi says no one has a son like my Darsh, he is my best son, we will go now, get ready for the party.

Jinal asks Charmy to write happy birthday Nandini on the cake. Charmy ruins the cake. She says I was writing the name, but my hand slipped, can you make it again. Jinal says its fine, I will make a better cake. Charmy goes. She receives Nandini’s medical reports. She checks. She gets shocked. She says that’s why Darsh’s mood is bad, this year Nandini’s birthday will be very special.

Nandini celebrates her birthday. Rajvi says you know what wish to make. Nandini smiles. Charmy wishes Nandini and presents the gift. She says you got Darsh’s cradle from the storeoom, I got it polished and made it new, this will be the perfect gift. Everyone smiles. Nandini sees the cradle. She asks what’s these hospital reports, its mine, what is it doing here. Charmy says it came in the morning, I kept it somewhere else. Darsh thinks this truth can’t come out. He takes the reports.

He says everything is normal. Shobit says I spoke to doctor, he said Nandini is fit to dance. Everyone laughs. Shobit says I want everyone on the dance floor, come. They go. Nandini sees Darsh trashing the report. She thinks why did he throw my report. He goes. Nandini checks the report. Charmy smiles.

She asks Nandini to come, everyone is waiting. Nandini says tell me what’s written, I don’t understand medical language, it appears bad. Charmy asks what, how can this happen. Nandini asks what happened. Charmy says no, nothing. Nandini asks what’s written, tell me. Charmy says I can’t say. Nandini says please tell me.

Charmy says you can never conceive a child. Nandini gets shocked. Parul shouts how did this fire catch up. Nandini runs to see. Charmy recalls burning the cradle. Everyone gets shocked. Nandini goes to put off the fire by her hands. Darsh stops her and asks what are you doing, its just a cradle. She shouts my motherhood dream is burning. She cries. The fire is put off. Rajvi asks why are you saying this. Nandini shows the reports. She says Darsh didn’t want me to see this, sorry, I can’t fulfill your wish, I can never conceive a child. Everyone gets shocked. Charmy smiles.


Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 18th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Nandini asks why did you hide a big thing. Charmy thinks Nandini, you will be out of this house soon, Darsh will be mine. Darsh cries.

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Telecast Date:18th September 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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