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Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 13th April 2021 Episode start with Vipul and Chetan coming to Nandini’s house. Vipul says Darsh may seen once again after a surgery. Nandini asks really, I will be very happy if this happens. Chetan says we don’t want this marriage to happen. She gets shocked. Vipul says relations should happen in same status people. She says you think Darsh will regret to marry me after he gets his eyesight. Chetan says it won’t be right for you both to make a compromise. Vipul says Darsh will not break this relation, I want you to refuse for this alliance.

Nandini brings the wedding invite. She says Naveen made this himself, its beautiful right, because a beautiful relation between Darsh and me, I can’t break this relation, forgive me, if Darsh thinks that his love will change after he gets his eyesight, then he has to cut this name himself, my love will never change for him, its about Darsh and my life. Vipul says doctor didn’t give us date, we can’t give any hope to Darsh, if the operation doesn’t happen, then he will break down. She says I understand your concern, Darsh is special, I m not an ordinary girl, you know him well, how can you regard him an incomplete person, sorry this relation won’t break until Darsh wants. Chetan shouts. Vipul says we will leave. She asks them to have tea. Vipul and Chetan leave. She says Darsh can see again.

Parul asks how can you do this, we didn’t speak to Rajvi yet. Vipul says I did what I felt right, Nandini isn’t ready to break the relation, I feel she isn’t right for Darsh. Chetan says I have matched their kundlis, there will be many issues in their marriage. Darsh comes and says then there will be solution also, I don’t believe in fate, you can make me do any puja, but I have accepted Nandini with her life’s problems. Doctor says Namrata, I m tensed. Namrata says relax, no one will know that the operation news is fake. The staff man says Nandini has come to speak to you about Darsh’s operation. Doctor says you got me stuck in this problem. Namrata says I will handle Nandini. Gunjan and Charmy meet at the shop and argue for the same thing. Gunjan says you know in which family I m getting married. Charmy says its okay, you can take it, congrats for the marriage. She asks the man to give the same gift. The man says that was the last piece.

Namrata says I m Dr. Rathod’s assistant, you can talk to me. Nandini says I want Darsh to see his marriage, I don’t want him to spend the brightest day in darkness. Namrata thinks I will not let the rasam get completed. She says fine, you are in hurry for the operation, meet Dr. Rathod and prepone the date, come. Darsh sits in a puja. Parul asks what will we do now. Namrata thinks this relation will break. She asks Nandini to go and meet Dr. Rathod. Nandini tries to read the morgue room. Namrata says all the doctors go there for meetings. Nandini thanks her. Bansuri calls her and asks where are you, Parul will come for chunar rasam.

Nandini says don’t worry, I will come soon. Namrata thinks how will you come out. The ward boy asks where are you going, its the morgue. Namrata goes and bribes him. She says be careful, no one should come here. Nandini goes in. Namrata locks her. Nandini gets shocked seeing the dead bodies. She runs and knocks the door. Charmy says sorry, this was the last piece, can you give it to me, I m ready to give more money, I want to gift this to my would be husband. Gunjan agrees to give it for 1000rs. She thinks I will get good makeup done, no one will see Nandini. Charmy gets the gift. She calls Shobit. Gunjan goes. Shobit says stop calling me, I m sorry. Vipul comes and says you said you had a breakup with her. Shobit says she got after me. Pandit asks Darsh to pray to get rid of all problems. Darsh says my prayers will be for Nandini first and then for myself. Nandini falls down and faints.


Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 14th April 2021 13th April 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Vipul asks why are you getting Darsh’s surgery done, by whose permission. Nandini says its happening for his betterment. Namrata comes and scolds her.

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Telecast Date:13th April 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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