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Karle Tu Bhi Mohabbat 25th March 2020 Episode Start With Karan Khanna watching the advertisement and talks to employee says he needs a hit film. Reporter comes there and asks if he wants to say something to his fans. He says love you all and says bye. Voiceover tells that he is Karan Khanna, once upon a time superstar, doing advertisements since 3 years, marital status- divorcee and nobody knows about his age. He sits in his car with Vishal and asks him to see Trisha’s wedding card. He takes the drink and tells that she has planned her wedding and haven’t told me.

Vishal asks if he is going? Karan says it is in Mumbai. Tripura is talking to her mother and tells that if she is destined to marry then will marry else no. She comes to the road to get road when someone splashes muddy water on her clothes. She captures the name plate of car and gets upset. She comes to her office and washes mud from her dress. She tells a girl about the arrogant guy who splashed muddy water on her clothes. She talks to the drug addict Akash and asks him to share his story. He tells that he was addicted to drugs. She tells that he shall have self control and will power to get it off away. She is Dr.Tripura Sundari, doctor of the rehabitation centre, 100 percent successful to help others get rid of their addiction, unmarried and having an age of 34 years.

Her friend Sheri calls her and calls her to Pub. Tripura says she is going home. Sheri emotionally blackmails her to come there. Karan Khanna is shown coming to the award function. The cameraman team member asks them to focus on Karan khanna. Vishal asks Karan to smile. Karan Johar announces the nomination for the best actor. Karan Khanna gets angry when his name is not announced and leaves from the award function, after telling that he will buy it next year. Vishal calls a lady and tells her that Karan left from the award function. She says you have to handle him. He tells that Karan told the journalist how it works and asks her to handle him. She says she will. Vishal calls Karan and reminds him of his success. He tells that he is hiding in vanity van. Karan tells that he is a popular actor, but his name is removed from the nomination list.

He does an accident. People gather around the car. Karan khanna comes out and asks what happened? The guy says no problem sir. Tripura gets down seeing the accident and checks on her mobile. She sees Karan Khanna. The people get happy and clicks his pics. Tripura comes to the pub and tells Sheri about seeing Ram Kapoor. Sheri asks why did you see him and tells that she wanted to meet him. She says he is such handsome guy. Tripura says he is a spoilt brat. Sheri tells about her daily routine and asks if her life will change. She says you will sit down and watch show with her mother on call. She says you will see the photos on the wall, who got rid of addiction. She says what you got in personal life and tells that even happiness are afraid to knock on the door as it will get the same message that you are not available.

The lady comes to Karan Khanna’s house and reminds him of his meeting tomorrow. He says you came to remind me this. She tells a story and says how you will meet Karan Hirani. Karan says Hirani is my friend. She tells that Vishal and I are your only friends, all your friends left you, your family left you and if you don’t take the things seriously then you will be left alone. She says you didn’t go to Trisha’s marriage also.

Tripura thinks things will change for her. Karan thinks once he signs Hirani’s film, he will be back.

Karan meets Hirani. Hirani shows him the video in which he is talking selfies with people after the accident. Karan tells that lighting would have been better. Hirani asks what about your image, what you are doing, you get up and leave from the award function, takes selfies with people after doing an accident. He says you are very unpredictable. He says he has many hopes from this film. Someone asks him to sign on the papers. Karan reads Rehab, de-addiction counseller and asks what is this? Hirani asks him to meet the counseller. He says they have named the film Shuddham and wants him to be Shuddham, pure and clean. Karan argues, but Hirani says you can’t do this film until you clear this de-addiction. Karan leaves with vishal and tells that he made Hirani, but…Vishal tells that he will organize the counseller at his house. Karan says he wants one hit and tells that he wants young and hot counseller.

Tripura is at Rehab. Senior doctor asks her to see the Patient and sign on the papers. She sees Karan Khanna’s pic and says she will not take up this work. Boss tells her that this is a high profile case and they want it to be confidential and wanted someone matured. He says we will be paid well, think that how many people, we can help with the money. Tripura looks on.

Sheri talks to Tripura and says you wanted to bring your Amma here. Tripura says she is somewhat scared. Amma calls her. Tripura tells that she has sent her medicines. Sheri asks her to think that this is her 125th case and you can buy a flat and call your mum here. Karan tells the lady that Deepshika messaged him and tagged him as uncle. The lady tells her about Deepshika. He says I had given her a break. She asks him to concentrate on just hirani’s film. He says he wants the counseller to be less than 25 years. The lady says Karan hirani has problem with your addiction and not with your age. He says I have to go to parties with her and wants her to be young. She asks him not to panic. He says I am not panicking. She leaves. He tells himself that he is a rockstar. He sees his white hair and applies hair color.

Next day, Tripura comes to Karan Khanna’s house. Karan asks where is your daughter? You came to drop your daughter here. She says she is not yet born. He says why you have come here and calls her aunty. She says I am your counseller. He says I thought doctor will be young. Shetells that all his reports are beyond the wall and asks him to sit and talk. She takes out the medicine bottles from her bag and asks him to have it. He says it is rotten. She says your liver is rotten and takes all the wine bottles and asks Servant to lock it in the locker and give the keys to her. She asks what triggers you to drink? He boasts about himself. She asks him to be just himself. He asks if she is his fan. She asks him to behave. He asks did you feel bad that I called you aunty. He asks her to accept that she is aunty proudly. She asks him to define himself. He says Karan Khanna. They have an argument. He says you are middle aged woman. She says you might be 60, regrets to come there and calls him ill mannered. He asks her not to tell dictionary words. Suddenly medicine fall on her kurti. She gets angry and goes. She calls her boss.

Karan tells vishal that he fired her. Triupura tells that she can’t work with Karan and is returning. Karan tells that he will check the profile himself. Tripura tells that she has many patients at Rehab. She says that guy needs item girl and not counseller. The lady hears her. Boss tells that she will talk to Karan. The lady comes to Karan and asks him to stop the counseller, as he might lose Hirani’s film. Karan comes out and stops holding her hand. She asks him to leave her hand. He says lets start again. She says I am Karan Khanna. Tripura says she is Tripura Sundari Naagraj. He says he will call her Sundari and says hi. She handshakes with him. Title song plays….

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Telecast Date: 30th March 2020
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