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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 10th February 2020 Episode Start With During NCC award ceremony, host announces NCC cadet of the year account and calls Suman Tiwari who is Brigadier Mohan Tiwari’s granddaughter, Martyr Captain Vinod Tiwari’s neice, and Colonel Vijay Tiwari’s daughter and praises her. She is awarded with an alarm clock. She says she doesn’t need a clock and hears this is her medal. She wakes up hearing alarm sound and realizes she was dreaming. She wakes up her sister Kanchan, goes to take bathe, gets ready for a walk and asks Kanchan if she doesn’t want to come for a walk. Kanchan says she doesn’t want to. Suman says who will say that she is from Army family, papa is coming today, she saw same dream.

Kanchan asks her to imagine she is in a mall and saw 80% discount board and , she is feeling same excited hearing a new due has come to their school, but Suman wants to wear same jeans. Suman says she wants to do something big in life with which people feel proud of her and her family. Kanchan goes back to sleep. Suman walks down and wishes good morning to her daadu/grand father. Daadu greets back saying right on time, she should go and wish her mother as its her mother’s biggest day. Suman goes to greet her mother. Daadu scolds servant Damru for still sleeping. Suman walks to her mamma and asks how is her migraine. Mother says she is fine now. Suman taunts that she got well as papa is coming and asks what is she doing. Mom says she is fixing clothes in cupboard. Suman asks if she needs anything. Mom says no, then remembers and asks her to bring blue berry cake from bakery. Suman says she knows as it is papa’s favorite. She walks out with Daadaji and sees new neighbor’s furniture. Dadaji says civilians are coming.

Shravan sitting on river bridge enjoys beer with his friends and requests them to arrange India-Australia match ticket for him. Friend Anish taunts him. Beer can falls into river. Another friend Bunty warns him to be careful as 3 people fell into river and died. Shravan asks Anish what will he do with ticket as he is from Army family and cannot attend match, so he should sell it to him for 20000 rs or his mobile. Anish says civilians evaluate everything with money and showing him ticket throws it in river. Srhiver jumps into river catching ticket. Friends run towards shore seeking help and calling Shravan.

Bunty warns Anish if something happens to Shravan, he will not spare him. Anish taps his shoulder him from behind. Anish hugs him and asks what if something had happened to him. Another friend says what is the use if one cannot win challenge and showing ticket confronts Anish that he cannot be a hero if he is from army family and civilians cannot be losers always, his father is from army and not him, says he should return home soon or else his father will know that he was out of house whole night. Bunty drives bike warning him to be mind his ways. Shravan asks him to stop bike and gets into army cafeteria. In army cafeteria, daadu and Suman enjoy coffee. Suman goes to buy blueberry cake. Shravan steals army captain’s jacket and takes free coffee from cafeteria. Dadaji stops him smelling alcohol in his breath and asks if he is drunk and off duty. Shravan says from last night and he is on long leave. Dadaji asks from which regiment he is. He tries to avoid. Dadaji says he is not from army and stole army jacket, he has to earn it and not steal it. Shravan misleads dadaji and runs from there. Suman noticing that with army officers runs behind Shravan. Shravan escapes in bike with Bunty, but his ticket falls down. Suman picks ticket and thinks she will catch him during match.

In Shravan’s house, his father calls mother Kavitha to prepare breakfast soon as he is hungry. Kavitha says he is always hungry, and he flirts with her. She asks where is he going today. He says his friend colonel Vijay Tiwari has invited him for an army event and its an honor to visit army function and only his ciilvian family is invited. He sits for breakfast and asks maid to bring curd. Maid says there is no curd in fridge. Daughter informs that she saw Shravan taking curd to his room. Father walks up and seeing Shravan having curd asks reason. Shravan says for calcium. After a bit of chatting father informs that they are invited for army function and are the only civilians invited, so he should be ready on time. Once father leaves, Shravan informs sister that he got India-Australia match ticket and will not attend army event. Sister say she is lying. He searches ticket and finds it missing. Sister taunts that he was going alone without her, so he lost ticket. Shravan thinks where did ticket go.

Suman’s father Colonel Vijay Tiwari returns home. Suman with whole family greets and meets him. Brother Ramesh and SIL Beena, Dadaji, neice Kanchan, maid Damru, etc. Veena says she prepared kachoris for him. Vijay walks in and smiles seeing his wife and offers her dining chair. Damru serves kachori. He tastes it and says its tasty, he misses it in army camp, reminds family that they have 30 min to leave for the event. Suman says they all know he doesn’t like even a minute late. On the other side, Shravan getting ready calls Bunty and warns him to find ticket somehow as he is going to attend army event. He walks out of house and sees Suman getting into her house.


Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 11th February 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : During army event, officer announces to remove a bike from wrong parking. Shravan says its his bike. Suman shows him match ticket. He tries to steal it from her bag, but she pulls wallet back and he falls down. Dadaji identifies him and asks if he is even here.

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Telecast Date: 10th February 2020
Distributed By : Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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