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Baarish 25th March 2020 Episode Start With Gauravi Karmarkar meets Anuj in police station and then meets her lawyer who asks if her decision is final. She says yes, she is responsible for whatever happened. He asks why she is trying to save the man who is trying to send her to jail. She says his name is Anuj. He asks why is she saving Anuj. She starts her story that she used to visit Siddhivinayak temple every Tuesday to thank Bappa/God, but didn’t know Bappa had planned to change her life.

She goes into flashback where she walks towards temple with her neighbors who discuss that Gauravi is still married while all her friends are married up with almost school going children, anyone wouldn’t agree to her condition that she would give all her earnings to her parents even after marriage. Her friend says aunties are always obsessed with marriage. Gauravi says they are worried for her. Friend says she finds positive in everything and says she will pray Bappa for a boy for her. Gauravi says she should pray for her happiness, what is he use of life without happiness. Uncle hearing that tells his wife that Gauravi is very wise and god would have written something special for her.

She returns home where her mother is busy taking tuition of neighboring children and doing household chores. She rushes to room to get ready for job and chats with her sister Asmi. Mother asks her why did she bring so many vada pavs. She says it is for whole family and to send some even to elder brother. Asmi says brother will only have special vada pav prepared by bhabhi. Mother scolds her. Asmi asks Gauravi if she believes in miracles. Gauravi says no, it just happens in films to fool public. Asmi asks when why does she walk to Siddhivinayak every Tuesday. Gauravi says for a peaceful life without any problems. She gets a call from her company’s branch manager Mehra asking her to bring diamond necklace at a fashion show event at Golden Chariot Hotel organized by their company Mehta Diamonds.

In the event venue, Mehta Diamonds’ company’s younger brother Rishi watches models walking on ramp sipping liquor. Model flirts with her and he offers her to meet tonight. Gauravi gets ready hurriedly. Asmi asks if she is going to Mehta’s fashion event, she will get ready soon and will accompany her. Gauravi walks out saying she is going on duty. In living room, her father asks her to prepare tea for him. Brother Aniket confronts farther for disturbing Gauravi when she is getting late for job. Father asks him to prepare tea then. Gauravi serves tea to father and asks mother if she gave vada pav to elder brother. Aniket taunts he will not come without his wife’s permission. Elder brother with wife walks down. Gauravi offers him vada pav, but wife stops him and takes him away. She rushes out hurriedly and reaches event venue where Anuj looking like a simple employee guides vehicular parking via walk talkie. Anuj’s sister Shreya with mother reaches and meets her friends. Anuj meets mother followed by Rishi, mother praises him for organizing event perfectly, and he leaves to meet guests.

Gauravi tries to enter ramp venue, but security guard stops her and asks to get pass. Anuj seeing that offers his pass and says she can go anywhere in the venue with this pass. She walks in and tries to speak to Rishi, but he is busy giving interview to media and shoos her away. Mehra then yells at her and asks to wait till the event finishes and then take back diamond necklace after getting boss’ signature on worksheet. Rishi asks waiter to pack remaining food after evening is over and keep it in his car. Gauravi’s father calls her and insists to come home and give him house keys, she says she is busy in work, but he insists. She calls Asmi who standing out with her friends lies that she is busy attending lecture. She asks Anuj when will show end. He says 2 hours and she can have food by then. She says its okay and waits. After show finishes, Gauravi meets Rishi who ruthlessly insults her and denies to sign worksheet. Gauravi sadly walks on road fuming when her footwear breaks and she walks holding it in hand, rain starts. Anuj offers food to street children and travels in his car and seeing Gauravi walking in rain offers her lift. She gets into car and vents out her anger on Rishi saying though is rich, he should respect other people and describes him whole incident. He says Rishi must be under work pressure. She says even he was working hard today, but he offered to help her. Anuj drops driver near his house and himself drives car. In venue, mother confronts Rishi for not even taking Anuj’s name once while he is the real owner of busn\inesss empire and single handedly takes care of whole business. Rishi says if bhai is media shy, what can he do. Anuj drops Gauravi near her home and offers her umbrella. She insists to return it. He says she can drop it at their head office’s reception. Out of flashback, Gauravi continues her story describing how simple Anuj was.

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Telecast Date: 30th March 2020
Distributed By : Zee Tv , Zee5 and ALT Balaji


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